Annual Events In and Near Spring Hill, FL

Spring Hill, FL is a social hub surrounded by a lot of annual fun events. One of the main yearly events is the charitable Dining in the Dark, a fundraiser featuring highly themed dining and entertainment. The fundraiser is dedicated to helping the Lighthouse Services, an organization which serves the blind and the visually impaired. The event, which is back due to public demand, takes place every year in Spring Hill’s Silverthorn Country Club.

The renowned Florida Agriculture and Wildlife Expo, or FAWE, is another a very insightful, fun and educative event for locals within Florida. Held every year towards the end of January, the Expo features events like livestock shows, Youth Horse Shows, and the Rodeo Run 5k. FAWE’s mission is mainly to educate and entertain the locals by providing quality exhibitions of family-friendly shows that are both innovative in an entertaining way, and acceptable to all age groups. FAWE also seeks to preserve, cultivate and enrich the heritage of the local wildlife and agricultural communities.

The St. Petersburg’s Firestone Grand Prix racing is another major event to look forward to if you live in the Spring Hill area. Screaming engines, screeching tires and the smell of gasoline are just some of the signs of high speed, high-intensity racing you’ll find in the downtown area of St. Pete. This peaceful town turns into a thrilling race track for three good days in March every year.

Guests to this venue have a lot of cheering and celebrating to do when the annual Firestone Grand Prix hits town. As visitors take their seats and get ready for the start of the race, the feeling of anticipation building up across the stands is truly electric. As soon as the green light comes on, you know you’re in for a sensational race. The racetrack allows for a multitude of people from all over Florida to sit at once and during a race, the crowd brings the event to life with their enthusiastic support.

Crashes, pile-ups, and cars spinning out of control are some of the more deadly and arguably spectacular occurrences that can take place. Spectators need not fear as the drivers are all trained professionals who know how to handle themselves, which is quite a common occurrence in the world of motor racing. The track also has one unique characteristic in that it features a breathtaking 14-turn course, unlike a normal racetrack which tends to have a flat section at the backstretch.

These are just a few of the many events that locals in Spring Hill, FL get to enjoy every year.