Leading Causes of Brain Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injury

Brain damage causes severe effects on the brain cells that need medical attention to avoid fatal consequences. The two main types of brain impairment are Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).

Traumatic brain injury is caused by external forces that damage the skull, affecting the brain tissue inside. Acquired brain injury is the resulting pressure to the brain, which can kill brain cells and cause death if the pressure isn’t relieved. Below are the most common causes of brain impairment.

Car Accidents

During an automobile accident, you may hit your head hard, damaging the skull that can then exert pressure on the brain. The stress affects the brain cells from frequently performing, potentially leading to brain impairment.

At first, the symptoms might not be severe. One might think it’s a common head injury, but if the symptoms persist, they can lead to seizures, memory impairments, or personality changes. Anyone who has had a head injury should not hesitate to visit their health provider or a health center with trained personnel and advanced technologies to do a complete check up and estimate the damage.

Lack of Oxygen

When the brain is starved from having enough oxygen for too long, the brain cells will begin to die, leading to brain damage. Oxygen plays a significant role in blood circulation and enhancing cell growth. Lack of oxygen can happen for many reasons, and to anyone despite their age.

Sports Injuries

Competitive games such as basketball, football, and wrestling can result in a blow to the head. If ball hits the head at high speed, or a player gets kicked in the head, the result can be a serious or fatal head injury. Often such injuries result in permanent impairment. In the case of a fall or being hit, contact a medical expert for a checkup. The damage can result in impaired vision, other body parts malfunctioning, and difficulty in processing information.

Poisoning or exposure to harmful toxins

When you breathe harmful toxins or inject your body with poisons, the effect can not only harm the body, but also the brain. Toxins limit cell growth and prevent normal functioning since they affect blood circulation.


Tumors affect the brain since they cause excessive cell growth. When the brain cells grow at a higher rate than normal, the results are often fatal. The mind will fail to operate, normally leading to deadly symptoms. Stroke is also a significant cause of brain damage, and can affect a large part of the body.

The brain is an essential part of the body, responsible for thinking and performing physically. Falls, sickness, and exposure to toxins cause traumatic damage to the brain, which can be fatal. If you experience headaches, seizures, slurred speech, or extreme physical fatigue, visit a doctor to find the cause.

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