History of Spring Hill, FL

Spring Hill, FL is a fast-growing neighborhood situated within the famous waterfront County of Hernando. Although Spring Hill lacks the self-governance privileges and the fancy administrative offices that come with that, it is recognized as a CDP by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Spring Hill started being an actively noticeable part of Hernando County back in the mid-1800s, but it was not until 1967 that it became a formal establishment. It was developed by the famous Mackle Brothers in a joint investment effort with Deltona Corporation, which would see it become one of the few planned communities in the area. By then, the three brothers had already launched several other developments in some similarly promising areas including Marco Island, Key Biscayne, and Deltona, among others.

The initial 15,000-acre plan was to include 23 church sites, seven schools, 2 golf courses, and a 500-acre commercial property section. The two joint developers had the intention of calling their new piece of investment Spring Lake and in fact, used the name throughout the development phase. However, they were forced to change it on a later date due to the existence of another “Spring Lake” community within the area; they consequently settled for Spring Hill, a similar name to the Lykes’ Brothers’ home place.

The striking similarity between Spring Hill and Deltona is due to the fact that the two communities had an identical plan. Spring Hill became very famous because of the innovative advertisement and marketing strategies that the Mackle Brothers used to sell the property. They came up with a model home and put it on display in New York’s Grand Central Station and another alleged sales center within the Long Island area. However, the fly and buy strategy became the most prominent of all. The brothers would fly in likely buyers, let them play golf for a while, then give them a tour of the proper and convince them to buy a lot.

The most intriguing part of the Spring Hill property marketing that made it both innovative and unique was the famed and very elaborate chicken plucking contest, which was meant to draw attention to the property. The 28,500 platted lots in Spring Hill sold out in a little over two years after the property was opened to large masses in mid-1967. Over the years, Spring Hill has evolved to become an urban sprawl or a small city of sorts, in an otherwise unincorporated setting.