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Personal injuries are a tough thing to go through, especially when it was caused by someone else’s incompetence or negligence. Zervos and Calta can help you to get compensated. We strongly advise that you not speak with any insurance company or make financial agreements before you obtain legal counsel. We have over 45 years of combined experience, and big insurance companies and courtrooms do not intimidate us. Let us help! Call today!

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If you think you have a case against someone in Oldsmar who has caused injures to you, call our office and talk to us about your case. Please do not talk with an insurance representative or accept a settlement without speaking to us first. Our goal is to help you get the best compensation possible for your pain and suffering.

Our law firm is known for working hard and tirelessly for our clients with the best representation possible to get compensation for financial losses due to their injuries. With a reputation of caring about our clients and treating them as family, we are here to listen and provide help and support every step of the way because we know the difficulties that you’re going through, so let us help you. There is no charge for the initial consultation to determine if you have a case and the best way to proceed.

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Injuries can happen in many different ways. Some of the more common accidents that can cause serious injuries are car accidents, truck accidents (with tractor trailers or smaller commercial trucks), pedestrian accidents, motorcycle accidents, and slip and fall accidents. If you’ve been in an accident, don’t wait too long to contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the best plan of action for your individual needs.

Injuries can also occur from medical situations. We help those who may be a victim of medical malpractice, brain injuries, birth injuries, wrongful death, and spinal cord injuries. You may not be sure if you have a case which is why we provide a free consultation, to go over the details and determine whether you have a case to pursue. There are no fees unless we win compensation for you.

Compensation You Could Receive

Upon evaluation of your case, we will decide if we should work together. If that answer is yes, compensation could occur in several forms.

If you’ve been injured and treated at a hospital or by a doctor, insurance may not have covered all your bills. Sometimes injuries can cause future medical problems. We have doctors and medical consultants ready to go over your case for you to decide if this is indeed the case. Our attorneys will help you obtain monetary compensation for all of this.

You may have missed time at your job due to your injury. If this is so, you deserve to be paid for that missed time.

Any injury involves some sort of pain, and sometimes your suffering can be compensated. We will help you to decide if this is the case.

We’ve worked with wrongful death situations, and with compassion for your grief, we will help you to be compensated financially for your loss.

Do not hesitate to call an accident attorney in Oldsmar if you have experienced any sort of injury due to someone else’s negligence. Time is of the essence, and remember, our consultation is free.

Contact us by filling out the form on the right or call 727-937-3171 to schedule a free phone consultation.

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Oldsmar, Florida, is a quaint city located on the eastern edge of Pinellas County and the northern border of Hillsborough County. Oldsmar is far from the hustle and bustle of large city life that makes up much of these two counties. A notable percentage of the local land in Oldsmar has been made preservation property in a bid to nurture wildlife and the natural beauty that defines this serene city.

Beautiful oak trees, small shops and restaurants, and quiet neighborhoods await you here. With around 15,000 residents living in Oldsmar, this city is not the most populated but remains a pleasant and peaceful place to live in.

For a fun day on the town, try the Tampa Bay Downs Racetrack. This location has had a big impact on the city’s economy since many people flock here year-round for the racing season. Another large attraction for this area is the Oldsmar Flea Market. Located off Hillsborough Avenue, it is a great place to buy merchandise, both new and used, as well as a large produce market.

If a leisurely day is something you are looking for, take a moment to enjoy a day at one of the nine parks located around Oldsmar. From R.E. Olds Park, Bicentennial Park and many others, you can enjoy a fun-filled day outdoors overlooking beautiful oak trees, nature trails, and picnic pavilions. With its vast amenities and unmatched serenity, Oldsmar is by far one of the most livable and adorable cities in the entire nation.

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