What to Do After an Accident or Injury in Spring Hill

If you or your loved one is injured in an accident in Spring Hill, FL, you should:

FIRST – seek medical attention. Before you do anything else, you want to make sure that you or your loved one gets the proper medical care following an accident. Often, more severe symptoms of injury do not begin to show until days after the incident, and you might not feel your injury is serious enough initially to seek medical attention.

It is essential for you to get checked out medically, even if your symptoms initially seem mild. Getting early and proper medical care will not only provide you with an understanding of your injuries and medical options, but it will also strengthen any claim you may ultimately pursue for damages. Additionally, keep in mind that under Florida law, you only have 14 days following an accident to seek medical care and secure your rights to the full amount of your personal injury protection benefits.

SECOND – gather all the evidence you can while it is available.

  • Photographs – As soon as you can, you need to get pictures of the scene of the accident, as well as photos of all pertinent evidence. For instance, if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, you want to get photographs of all vehicles involved, as well as the roadway. If your accident involved a slip and fall or trip and fall, you want to get photos of the condition that caused you to fall (i.e., a spill, uneven walkway, a hole in the ground). If your accident involved a dog bite, you want to get photographs of the dog, if possible. No matter what kind of accident you were involved in, you also want to get pictures of the injuries/bruises/cuts that you suffered.
  • Witnesses – Get all witness information at the scene of the accident so that statements can be obtained at a later time. Witnesses are essential because they offer an independent accounting of how the accident happened.
  • Accident reports – Whether it is a crash report or an incident report, try and get a copy of any report of your accident right away, which will allow for a full and thorough investigation of your claim.
  • Evidence of lost wages – Keep all documents supporting the time you missed from work as a result of your injuries, as this will assist in being able to get you compensated for lost wages when you present a claim.
  • Evidence of injuries – Make sure to keep all medical documentation of your injuries, including your medical records and bills. These documents are essential in establishing your injury claim.

THIRD – consult with an attorney in Spring Hill, FL. After making sure your injuries are tended to, you should consult with an attorney who can protect your rights and help you throughout this process. Your initial consultation at Zervos & Calta, PLLC is free and will always be with one of our attorneys. The attorney will review all aspects of your accident, including liability, damages suffered, and all potential avenues of recovery for you.

When you hire the Spring Hill car accident attorneys at Zervos & Calta, PLLC, you will no longer have to deal with speaking with the insurance companies. Our team will take over all communications with the insurance companies and will make sure that your vehicle gets repaired, your medical bills are paid, and that you get fairly compensated.

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