Personal Injury


Due to Florida’s wonderful weather, boating can be enjoyed year round. From June through September the boating season really booms, with many seasoned and new boat owners enjoying the water. For new as well as long-time boat owners, following safety precautions is necessary for everyone to be safe and prevent…

how much insurance settlement could I get

How Much Could I Receive for My Case? There are several factors used to determine what your case is worth. The value of your case is based on what your actual damages are. Damages can be broken down into two categories – economic and non-economic. Economic damages are: Medical bills already…

dog biting a ball

Those of us who own dogs know what wonderful pets they can be and how much happiness a dog can bring to a family. Sometimes, however, a dog can cause injury to another person and the owner is left wondering whether they will be held responsible for the damages caused….