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With a combined 42 years of personal injury law experience, Zervos and Calta help victims and families in Spring Hill, Florida. With their dedication to focus only on those who have been injured or killed by the carelessness or negligence of others, they meet with each client individually. They are available at their Spring Hill office by appointment to help victims and their families get the help they need and deserve. Spring Hill is a town about thirty miles north of Tampa, located in Hernando County, with a population of about 112,000. It is known for being #1 in the nation for sinkholes.

Car accident lawyers in Florida

A large number of personal injury cases are a result of car accidents, whether it’s between two cars, or a car and another type of motor vehicle, or a car and a pedestrian or a bicyclist. We help many victims who have been injured in some type of car accident, and have experience dealing with the insurance companies who want to settle for as little money as possible.

Negligence in personal injury liability

The legal doctrine of negligence is the cornerstone of almost every personal injury liability lawsuit. Negligence is based on the notion that we have a duty as members of society, when undertaking actions that carry with them a foreseeable risk, to reasonably minimize that risk to others. Because you have not consented to the risk involved with someone else’s actions, if you are injured physically, financially, or emotionally by their actions, they may be held liable for the damages they have caused.

Negligence Criteria

The first criteria of a negligence claim is that a duty of care must exist. A duty exists when we take actions that are reasonably likely to place others in harm’s way. Such situations can range from the outrageous, such as playing with fire, to the reasonably dangerous such as operating a power tool, to the routine, such as driving a car. The majority of daily actions do not carry with them an inordinate amount of risk, and as such, the duty of care is minimal to nonexistent in these cases.

Breach of Duty

Secondly, the duty of care must be breached in order for a claim to be valid. In other words, the defendant must have failed to reasonably reduce the risk of his or her actions. The implication of this is that the defendant must actually perform the breach. If a person is operating a chainsaw in a safe manner and the chain snaps, causing an injury, he or she has likely not breached his duty of care; he or she is simply the victim of an unfortunate accident.

Cause of Injury

Finally, an injury must actually occur. If a duty is breached and no injury occurs, there is no negligence claim. Furthermore, the breach must be the actual and proximate cause of the injury. If, for example, the person operating the chainsaw is using it in an unsafe manner, but you are injured by something unrelated to his or her unsafe actions, the claim of negligence would not be valid.

Often times, this can be difficult to prove especially when numerous factors are involved, so contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is a necessity when dealing with a negligence claim.

Compensation for injured victims

There are many types of compensation that accident victims may be entitled to. It’s our job to determine what an injury victim is entitled to and work to get that for them. Compensation could include:

  • Medical expenses – if insurance doesn’t cover all the medical costs, you are entitled to have your unpaid bills paid for.
  • Lost wages – if you miss work because of your injuries, you are entitled to be reimbursed
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of a loved one and their companionship
  • Emotional distress

To prevent losing compensation that may be due you, don’t put off talking to an accident attorney in Spring Hill. There are statutes of limitations so don’t let time run out on your legal rights.

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Spring Hill, FL is an easy-going neighborhood situated in Hernando County, a few minutes away from busy Tampa Bay. This lovely town can easily be accessed through either Spring Hill Drive or the famous Suncoast Parkway. With a population of around 100,000 inhabitants, the area is a stunning combination of picturesque landscapes and charming waters.

Modern-day Spring Hill was intended to be a planned community during its founding in 1967. Despite recent developments, the community has maintained a calm and friendly atmosphere. The local parks and serene springs are a sanctuary to many, especially adventurists who don’t like to live around a lot of people.

Spring Hill has established itself as one of the prime destinations on Florida’s West Coast with its quality and affordable housing options. It has an elaborate transportation system featuring the I-75 Interstate and the Suncoast Parkway, as mentioned earlier. That and the superb school system make Spring Hill a wonderful family neighborhood.

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