Tampa Bay Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Car too close to a pedestrian crosswalk in Florida.

Florida has a high number of accidents involving pedestrians, causing many injuries every year throughout the state.

The Miami Herald reported that during a ten-year period ending in 2014, Florida had more than 5,000 pedestrians killed by motor vehicles compared to 46,000 for the entire USA, and it has 7 of the most dangerous communities in the country for pedestrians.

What are the Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in Tampa Bay, FL?

Some common causes of accidents involving pedestrians hit by cars include poor roadway and crossing design, dangerous, inattentive or distracted driving, and pedestrians who simply are not paying attention when crossing the street. In almost every case, the blame is placed directly on the driver of the motor vehicle.

Other common causes of pedestrian accidents:

  • Drivers failing to yield right of way. Pedestrians often have the right of way, especially in parking lots, sidewalks, and crosswalks. Pedestrian accidents are caused when drivers ignore the pedestrian’s rights and fail to yield to them.
  • Left hand turns. It’s interesting that right hand turns cause very few accidents, auto or pedestrian, but pedestrians are often hit by cars making left hand turns because they can’t be seen as well.
  • Hit and Run accidents. Drivers often leave the scene of an accident when it involves a pedestrian.

What Should You Do After Being Injured?

If you are seriously injured in a pedestrian accident, get medical attention immediately. If you are approached by anyone regarding a settlement for your injuries, do not do anything until you have spoken to our pedestrian accident lawyer. After the car accident and when you are able, think about what happened and make notes so that you can explain things to our pedestrian accident attorneys.

To the extent that you have the ability to take photos after the accident, this may be useful as well. Tarpon Springs Injury lawyers, Zervos & Calta, PLLC are experienced in handling pedestrian accident cases, and will handle all the details of your case. Contact us through our law firm website.

Responsibilities and Rights as a Florida Pedestrian

As a pedestrian in Florida you have some basic obligations. These are to use the sidewalks when available, walk on the left shoulder facing traffic when there is no sidewalk, not make any abrupt movement that an oncoming vehicle cannot adjust for, and follow the instructions of any traffic control device. You should never cut diagonally through traffic unless instructed to do so by an officer who is controlling traffic.

Many pedestrians become accident victims due to their own actions because they aren’t paying attention, are distracted by their phone, or even because they are walking while under the influence. Some pedestrians are injured due to their own carelessness or negligence.

You or your survivors have the right to compensation for common injuries and medical expenses incurred due to the negligence or willful actions of a driver when they are at fault. Talk with our personal injury lawyers who will answer questions about your case.

Is the Driver of a Vehicle Always Liable for Pedestrian Injuries in Florida?

While there are certainly situations in which a driver is not liable for injuries to a pedestrian, this is tempered by the fact that a driver is obligated to proceed at all times in such a manner as to cause no harm to others. For example, road conditions and weather may make it hard to stop. This means the driver needs to slow down, pay closer attention, or even pull over and stop until it is safe to proceed.

There are times when a pedestrian may dart out in front of a car and is seriously injured, when the driver cannot possibly see them in time to stop. Truck accidents can cause pedestrian injuries when a truck runs off the road, hitting those walking nearby.