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Clearwater and it’s neighboring town, Clearwater Beach, have millions of visitors every year. The charming town and beautiful beaches draw many pedestrians and bicyclists, and many accidents happen every year due to the traffic congestion.

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Due to the large amount of pedestrians crossing streets and walking without paying attention, Clearwater is a place to be careful that you aren’t hit by a car or truck.

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On the northwest side of Tampa in Pinellas County, is the city of Clearwater. It is a beautiful, family friendly community with a population of over 107,000 inhabitants. The local climate is ideal for vacationers, and the city of Clearwater is relatively peaceful, calm and economical as opposed to other popular locations in the region.

Clearwater offers a lot of recreational activities, both land and water based, as well as quick access to the beaches. Clearwater is also home to a beautiful culture and a list of local events and special festivals that bring both locals and visitors together in celebration.

One of the major attractions in Clearwater is the local Marine Aquarium. It is a unique type of Aquarium offering safety and rehabilitation to endangered marine mammals, and offers a close-up view of beautiful aquatic life. Apart from the Aquarium, Clearwater has a lot of other unique sites to visit and fun things to do in order to keep you entertained all day.

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